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Expire on:2017-02-23
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0.6% - 0.8% daily for 30 days (Principal Back)
Expire on:2017-02-26
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Pool 1 - 1.75% daily for 150 days, Pool 2 - 2.75% daily for 150 days
Expire on:2017-02-22
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2.1% ddaily for 21 Days (Principal Return)
Expire on:2017-02-21
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1% daily for 7 days, 1.2% daily for 15 days (Principal Back)
Expire on:2017-02-27
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104.9% in 7 Days, 115% in 15 Days
Expire on:2017-02-20
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0.28%- 0.40% hourly (6.72%-9.6% daily) Forever
Expire on:2017-02-22
normal banner Forex Union
2.1% daily for 5 Days,2.3% daily for 10 Days,2.5% daily for 15 Days(Principal Back)
Expire on:2017-02-26
normal banner Sports Arbitrage
60-90% of our daily earnings. Around 1.5-2% daily
Expire on:2017-02-22
normal banner X-Binary Ltd
2% daily for 100 - 150 business days
Expire on:2017-02-27
normal banner WNOT
3% daily Forever (payback within 33 days.)
Expire on:2017-02-21
normal banner OnePunchLTD
113% After 10 Calendar Days,6% Daily for 30 Business Days
Expire on:2017-02-25
Vodapex.Com - DDoS Brought Under Control!
Subject: Vodapex.Com - DDoS Brought Under Control!

We understand some of you may have had some difficulty in accessing the website for some time today. The reason was we were under massive DDoS attack, but the problem was immediately tackled by our hosting company and brought under control.

Our priority will always be to ensure that your investments are secure and continuously bring you profit. We invest heavily on our servers, and so we are never shakened. We are not a $200 dollar-a-month operation. We are much more bigger than that because we are a long term service that will continuously bring you profit for months and by God Grace, for years. Everything about Vodapex.Com is carefully planned for months from the beginning. Vodapex.Com will be the longest operation ever. This is a promose that will be kept. We just started.

We are truely sorry that you were inconvenienced by the DDoS attack interruption. Note that all operations have returned to normal and the website is monitored 24 hours daily by our hosting company.

Automatic cashouts are back to normal and you should be able to withdraw without any difficulties.

Once more, we apologize for the interruption and any inconveniences caused.

Best Regards.


Oct-16-2010 03:27:45 PM
AVFinance, Inc New Letter
Hello naale

We transferred our website to new powerful server with 16 cores CPU and 12GB ram. Now you can open our website faster than before.
PerfectMoney instant withdraw problem has been solved. Now you can withdraw your earnings via PerfectMoney instantly like before.
Two days ago our website was attacked by a group of criminals via DDoS attack. Keeping our promises to ensure the safety of your investment in the best way, We upgraded our DDoS protection with the and we did everything to resist this threat and discharge our obligations (if you are not able to open our website, please send us your IP address).
We hope our investors will be pleased with new security upgrades which has recently done.

Best Regards,
AVFinance, Inc
Oct-16-2010 03:24:34 PM
EuroInvestOnline News
Dear Depositors.

We were attacked by DDOS. We managed to beat it off and installed a higher security level. Instant payments are switched on and we work as before.

Thanks for staying with us
Oct-15-2010 12:16:43 PM Forum Launched!
Hello UT Members,

As we had promised, our own forum has been launched. In order to see the topics, and to start posting, you have to become a membe of the forum, by registration. Here is the link to the forum:

The registration link to the forum is:§ion=register

After successful registration in our forum, you have to log in to your forum account, read the forum rules, after which, you can start posting. We recommend you to read the forum rules very carefully, because violating any of the terms and conditions, will result in your permanent banning from the forum.

Members of the forum will be able to earn $0.01 for each post they make in the forum. However, you are strictly discouraged from spamming the forum.

The option to contact us through the forum, is not available now, but will be made available soon.

We are planning to add a lot more features to the forum, and make it unique. More details regarding it will be send out once we successfully implement those features. We will be more than happy to hear suggestions from our members, so that we can make the forum special.

We strongly recommend you to post your payment proofs, as screenshots, in our forum, instead of posting them as plain copy/paste texts.

You are not allowed to post your e-mail address anywhere in the forum, due to security reasons.

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we have successfully added the payment processor to the list of our accepted payment processors. Members who wish to add their SolidTrust Pay account ID to their profile, should contact us with your username and your SolidTrust Pay account ID, so that we can add it for you. As most of you know, SolidTrust Pay is one of the popular and reputed payment processors online.

In the next few days, we will begin to offer telephone support and Skype support, in German, French, and Iranian languages, in addition to the already offered English, Hungarian, and Russian languages. More details about it will be made available as soon as we complete the necessary procedures.

We wish all our members a very prosperous stay with us.

Oct-11-2010 05:19:23 AM - 11 october is non-business Day
Hello naale.

We would like to inform all clients of Flamanta that 11 of october we will not trade because of Canada's Thanksgiving Day and Columbus Day. Withdrawals and investment operations are conducted as usual.

Thank you for cooperation with us, if you have any questions please contact us by phone: +1(888) 490-54-50
Oct-10-2010 06:26:13 PM Added New Plans
Added investment plans!

Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
Extra $10 - $100 4.00
Extra $101 - $300 4.50
Extra $301 - $5,000 5.00

Investment period - 50 calendar days.

Principal not returned. Principal included in daily profit.


Referral commission!
We changed referral commission. Now, we pay 7% from the deposit made by your referral.
Oct-8-2010 06:23:23 AM

New design!
We changed design of our website. Hope you like it.
Oct-8-2010 06:21:11 AM

Best regards,
Oct-8-2010 07:44:53 PM - Today we reach 100 days
Hi naale
Today we reach 100 days with your great support.All pay out completed
Welcome all new members in to our family.We are growing strong day by day.
Happy earning with us
Your promotional link

Project admin
Oct-7-2010 07:35:55 PM
PawnShop Fund Weekly Newsletter
Hi dear members.

I have mentioned in many newsletters that there are a few members without a specified ecurrency account where we should process the withdrawal requests. Now i am asking our active members to let them know(if you can reach any of them) to send me their ecurrency account to the e-mail address:
Members with pending requests without specified or wrong PM account(we require the PM USD account): dd4, milanna, Rustamjch, Andrei, jurijs14, macho78, dens
Members with pending requests without specified AP account: sirwilly, ferke

Some members notifed me that they are not receiving some e-mails from our system, this problem is probably caused by your e-mail service provider please be sure to chech your junk/spam folders, and also please add into your safelist/whitelist/trusted-senders.

I am glad to let you know that our new design will be ready probably next week so i hope that our next newsletter will be sent from the new look of our website. I also want to remind you that with the new look we will implement our own forum too.

It is nice to see that last week we received an all-time record of incoming deposits in a single week, so thank you for your support in forums, monitors and blogs, this really helps a lot in our job.

That's all for this week, stay tuned for our new look next week.

best regards,
Frederick admin of
Oct-7-2010 12:40:05 PM
Vodapex.Com - Addition Of An Office Address
Subject: Vodapex.Com - Addition Of An Office Address

We are glad to inform you that an office address (mailing) has been added to our contact page.

Vodapex By Mail
Attn: Brian Connor
66 John Street
Kilkenny City
Kilkenny, Ireland

Two more offices will be opened soon in Canada and Australia. We are also working to establish a telephone call center to enable enquiries by phone to be handled quickly.

For further enquiry, please contact us and your questions will be answered as quickly as possible.

Best Regards.


Oct-6-2010 07:04:10 PM withdraw problem
Hello naale
We have some problems with PerfectMoney payment system. We sent many emails to but they don't help us to solve this problem. Now we are waiting to them to unblock our IP address. You can exchange your money from PerfectMoney to LibertyReserve without any fee and withdraw it via LibertyReserve instantly here: (after login)
Oct-6-2010 05:46:39 AM AlertPay has been added!

We are very happy to inform you that our AlertPay account has just been verified and AlertPay is now an accepted payment processor in Budgetiva. The addition of AlertPay to Budgetiva will undoubtedly give the project more exposure and make it more popular among investors.

With Warmest Regards, Administration
Oct-6-2010 03:39:13 AM
PSF Weekly Newsletter
Hello dear members.

This week i am a little bit late with our weekly newsletter but finally here it is.

I am very pleased to let you know that we decided to upgrade our website design, this should be ready in 3 weeks, so we scheduled to this date the startup of our own discussion forum too.

We have also decided to start a sticky thread advertising at the major forums, in the first weeks we will test each of them, and after this we will order for a longer time on that one which provides better results.

I am asking again those who are having pending PM withdrawals, please reply to this e-mail with your username and PM USD account. We can't process your withdrawal requests if you are having your account number or your account name in the Pm account field.

Finally i must say thank you to all of our members because it seems that we are getting better and better response and feedback in the market, and this helps a lot in our work, and to achieve our goal to be in the top 3 programs in the next months and years.

best regards,
Frederick, admin of
Oct-1-2010 11:59:46 AM - We are running with only one site
Hi naale
Thanks for your support.All payout done
Pls to inform you that is our only project.We have no relation with any other project

One of hyip admin use our all monitor logos.Bellow the link

We have no relation with this project
Thank you
Project admin
Sep-30-2010 05:53:25 PM
InterNationalCommerce Newsletter
A very warm greeting to all our respected clients.

International Commerce ( is an investment program that has been trading in foreign exchange online, for the past one and a half years.

Those who are still not aware of the investment portfolio we offer, here is a brief description of the plans. Basically, we offer three investment plans, offering fixed interests ranging from 1.8% to 2.0% daily, for our clients to choose from.

Plan 1

Interest: 1.8% daily for 100 days
Minimum Deposit: $15
Maximum Deposit: $5,000

Plan 2

Interest: 1.9% daily for 100 days
Minimum Deposit: $5001
Maximum Deposit: $10,000

Plan 3

Interest: 2.0% daily for 100 days
Minimum Deposit: $10,000
Maximum Deposit: N/A

We would like to remind our clients that your principal deposit will not be returned at the end of the investment term. Your principal amount is included in your daily earnings.

International Commerce, as of the moment, accepts Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money for deposits and withdrawals. We are planning to integrate more payment processors into our script, in the near future.

We are offering a generous 4% affiliate commission, for clients who wish to promote us and earn commissions. We have designed attractive banners, for all promoters, which can be found here: . Clients can find their unique referral link in their account back office. Please bear in mind that you should not abuse our affiliate system by creating multiple accounts, in any case. Your account(s) will be frozen if such fraudulent activities are done.

For the best security, is hosted on a dedicated server, and is protected by the anti-DDoS service giant,

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries. We would be happy to assist you.

Yours truly,
Sep-30-2010 03:41:14 PM
Vodapex.Com - Double Payments!
As you may or may not be aware, Vodapex.Com uses 2 dedicated servers for security purposes.

Our normal software application files are hosted on a dedicated ( Koddos DDoS Protected + SSL), $600 a month server, while our payment modules are hosted on another DDoS + SSL dedicated server with another company.

Both servers work together as a network mesh for backups, etc, to provide an enhanced security for Vodapex.Com. The purpose of this mesh network is to provide rest of mind for us and our big and small investors, while we continue to drive Vodapex.Com to achieve its profitable and long term aim.

Some people may already have noticed that they were paid twice today. We had sent the payment script to both servers and made a payment call to both servers. This was noticed by us and corrected immediately.

So if you have already withdrawn a double payment, there is nothing to worry about. The correction has been made. This correction only applies to accounts (100 of them) that received double payments.

Please contact us any time if you have any questions.

Best Regards.


Sep-27-2010 06:15:29 PM
Uniqe Fund New Letter
Hello naale

as you have seen we had some problem on past days with Libertyreserve system and operation.but all problem has been resolved without damage to any member.
Today we observe a new problem to loading uniqefund website, it's fixed now. that was just a mistake from our hosting.

So Sorry for this you can use our service looks like ever.
Sep-25-2010 02:59:42 PM
We want to change our script and plans within next 10 days (Until 1 Oct),
So we have to refund all principal amount minus the earned profit(Principal - earned profit and made withdraws request), and your account will be deleted.
You can register in our new site after 1 Oct if you are interesting for it.

Sep-21-2010 12:15:48 AM
Sep-24-2010 05:10:08 PM
Vodapex.Com Automatic Withdrawals
Dear Naale William,

Subject: Vodapex.Com Automatic Withdrawals!

Presently, Liberty Reserve and RoutePay cashouts are fully automatic. They are fully integrated into the Vodapex.Com script and functions perfectly.

This is how the cashout process works. When you make a cashout, the details of the cashout are recorded in our database. Then the automatic payment script is called from our other secured dedicated server and given your account ID to process any pending cashouts. The script is mandated to run 100 loops on each payment with your account ID as the reference. The purpose for the loop is to ensure a response is received from Liberty Reserve or RoutePay when the api call is made. The api call is stopped midway when a response is received and the payment is made.

When there is no response, the script will continue running until the 100 counts are reached, then it will stop. The reason for this loop is to ensure that the payment is completed successfully.

If you are an investor in another company that also operates an automatic payment, or if you have money in both Liberty Reserve and RoutePay, we suggest that whenever you made a cashout and the cashout remains pending, you should try withdrawing with the other processor or from the other company. It will give you an idea that our automatic process remains active at all times.

Also, we are presently testing Perfect Money automatic cashout. When the test is completed, cashouts through Perfect Money will also be automatic. As a matter of fact, the Perfect Money automatic cashout script has long been part of Vodapex.Com, but it only works from browser and not from server. We called Perfect Money attention to their documentation as it appears incomplete.

Best Regards.


Your referral url:
Date: Thursday, September 23, 2010
Sep-23-2010 04:57:42 PM
DIN Investment manual withdraw

We found that individual members cannot log in, and their password and LR/PM account number have been changed.

In order to prevent your money being stolen by someone, our staff will carefully check everyone\'s WITHDRAWAL REQUESTS. To withdraw funds, Please note that DESTINATION ACCOUNT NUMBER must be the same as SPEND ACCOUNT NUMBER.

Thank you.

Sincerely, DIN Investment Admin
Sep-20-2010 08:19:38 PM
Fenix Trust - Now our interface is available in Spanish!
Dear Spanish-speaking Internet users and active investors. For your convenience we have translated the interface of Fenix Trust into Spanish. In the future we plan to add more languages to our website.

Also please note that we have a Spanish speaking operator in our Support team.

Phone: +598 97174012 (For english and spanish speaking users) Working time: 9:00 to 17:00 GMT -3

We will try our best to continue making you glad with our news.

Let investments be successful with Fenix Trust.
Administration of Fenix Trust
Sep-17-2010 12:39:29 PM
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Bitcoin Stability Limited
115% after 1 day, 4% - 6% hourly for 30 hours,1.5% - 2% hourly for 100 hours
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Crypto Wings Finance
7% - 10% hourly for 15 hours, 150% - 350% after 3 days,650% - 1450% after 12 days
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105% - 125% after 1 day,117% - 190% after 3 days,135% - 300% after 5 days,160% - 420% after 7 days
5% daily for 40 Business days, 7% daily for 30 Business days, 113% after 7 Calendar days,117% after 10 Calendar days
Renaissance Invest
0.6% daily for 7 days,0.9% daily for 14 days (Principal Back);1.6% - 2% daily for 180 days
Feb 12th, 2017
Radiant-Gold LTD
17% - 20% hourly for 6 hours, 7% - 10% hourly for 15 days,160% - 350% after 3 days
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