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3.00% daily for 50 days
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2.50% daily for 10 Days (Principal Return)
Expire on:2017-04-28
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2.8% daily for 65 days (Principal Back)
Expire on:2017-04-28
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2.1%-2.8% daily for 7-21 days,5.7% daily for 30 days
Expire on:2017-04-30
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6% daily for 25 Days
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3% ~ 4.2% Daily Forever
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Expire on:2017-05-05
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7% daily for 19 Days, 5% daily for 30 Days
Expire on:2017-04-27
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2,7% - 4,5% daily for 60 Days
Expire on:2017-05-01
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3% daily for 60 days (Principal Back)
Expire on:2017-04-28
SSL version of is now available!
Kindly be informed that a new SSL secured version of Santiventures website is now available at

Our tech team have recently installed a SSL Comodo certificate in order to offer our members more advanced and enhanced data protection. If you care about your personal data protection just make sure that there is a https:// prefix when browsing our website.

Santiventures is developing its services and aims at being one of the most reliable investment programs in 2010. Thanks that you chose us!

Kind regards,
Info department
Jan-5-2010 01:47:01 AM
Extra Return Holidays Newsletter
We would like to inform you that due to New Year holidays and be deficient in operation of investment market and companies, our organization would not be able to execute and realize the profit of selected plan within 3:00 PM Friday 1 Jan until 3:00 PM 5 Jan based on GMT timing standard. Your support and understanding is highly appreciated and we hope we can compensate this unwanted break down in future business relationship with you.

William Hartman
CEO and President,
Jan-2-2010 04:35:27 AM
Merry Christmas
To all of our faithful followers and customers Wish You A Merry Christmas

Dec-25-2009 05:12:38 PM
Newsletter from TopFinancial Admin
We at TopFinancial wish you and your families and loved ones a Merry Christmas. We sincerely hope that in the year 2009 your experience at TopFinancial has been rewarding. I can assure you that we are working 24/7 to make TopFinancial an even better place to be a part of.

According to our terms of service, no interest will be paid on December 24, 2009 and on December 25, 2009.

Please also be informed that in the near future we plan to add bank wire and several other e-currencies as payment methods on our website.

As always we welcome your thoughts and suggestions on how to make TopFinancial better. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Yours sincerely,

TopFinancial Administration.
Dec-25-2009 01:40:00 AM
Cedex Investment Important Notice
It become our security matter that we have to regularly change our Liberty Reserve account every 100 days, this notice to let everyone know including our monitoring partners. We have changed our Liberty Account from U1925660 (Cedex Invest Account) to U7766069 (Cedex Invest Account)
Dec-21-2009 04:18:39 PM Important Update
As everyone knows, December is not a very good month for all programs and we planned to surpass this month and keep going but we failed. I did my best to keep it running even making silly mistakes along the way. Silly for me but for you. But I got hooked with the challenge to surpass the thing everyone called the "Black Month" and even put some things of my own on the line but I do not regret any bit of it. I had fun while it lasted. I was able to meet friends from RichAliens members.

RichAliens cannot go on right now, the month is very bad. People have hit and run because they either need the money for the holidays or they just intentionally did it. It is not my business really but RichAliens could have gone a longer life if it was launched at a better time but as I said, I took it also as a challenge and I cannot call it a complete failure because of the lifetime it surpassed was not really a short one to be laughed at for this time of the year.

Deposits and Withdrawals are now disabled. All of the current active deposits are on hold until further notice. I am trying to make a firm decision on what to do as soon as possible and I will keep everyone posted through email and the forum. Even though we have a no refund policy, since this is a straight up game, I will have to do my best .

Please join our discussion here .

From the Mothership....

Dec-21-2009 07:04:36 AM
Fxcoi Removed Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money
Please inform that, Deposit by Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money has been removed from our program and our company don't accept them anymore. Users who have pending withdraw for Liberty Reserve and Perfect money, can exchange their to AlertPay without any fee. There is Exchange link in member area for exchanging.
Hereinafter Fxcoi only accept AlertPay for investing. For further working with us please deposit only ALertpay.

Dec-19-2009 06:27:19 PM
Dream Funds LTD Important Update
Hello dear members,We would like to inform you that we wouldnt accept alertpay depositing anymore.Cause Alertpay unverified our business post-verified account and we arent capable right now to do a transaction and transfer any fund.According to our contacts with alertpay company they didnt give us any solid evidence for their action,therefore we would refund all the transactions and funds and we will impact it on the user account balance.At The End We Should mention that all of your compliment and complains regarding to our company are welcome...Best Regards, admin,
Dec-16-2009 09:04:57 PM
RichAliens - 24 days online
RichAliens just turned 24 today. It has been 24 days since the mothership has landed on earth and abducted earthlings. This is the 2nd cycle completed already. Now on wards to the 3rd cycle.

I just sent this e-mail to bring you this great news! This is definitely an achievement during this black month of December. The aliens are rejoicing that the mothership is doing great! It is time to reach new heights with RichAliens.

From the mothership... Robert Raile
Dec-16-2009 01:22:58 AM
Santiventures Notice
We hope you enjoy your membership with Santiventures as we are doing our best to meet requirements of our members.

However we would like to point out that for the last 48 hours Libertyreserve has had minor issues connected with their API functioning. Due to that Libertyreserve payouts might not have been processed in a timely manner i.e. within 24 business hours. What concerns other e-currencies all payouts were processed as usual according to the payment schedule.

As for this moment all payment gateways are working normally.

Take care and best regards,
Support department
Dec-13-2009 02:10:42 AM
LYRA Finance Manual payouts only
From this point we will make a manual payouts only.
We have just disabled auto-withdrawals to make our program more securely against the hackers' attack.

All withdrawals will be completed in 12-24 hours.

Hope you understand us and thank you for the patience.

LYRA Finance
Dec-10-2009 05:36:00 PM
Saza Investments Problems almost solved
We handled almost all support tickets and fixed problems. The few rested will be handled tomorrow. We have told you many times by now that there is no problem that wont be solved even if with delays. It is more important for all of us to work more and get more profit during this time of the year because soon all bussinesses will be closed but members still need to be paid in time. So that is why the delays, because we are working more offline to make sure everything will be ok. We hope all of you can understand this. Thank you all for your trust in us.Regards,Ricardo Andre BrandaoSaza Investments Marketing Manager
Dec-10-2009 02:16:16 PM
Kobel Capital News
We are very sorry for delay of payment due some hard to connect fromdatabase with auto payment ecurrency gateway. Now the problem has beenfixed and all pending withdraw has been proceed. Sorry forinconvenience.

Customer Support
Kobel Capital Management
Dec-10-2009 09:34:18 AM
Mandarin-invest News
unfortunately our AlertPay account is "temporary restricted" for unknown reasons. We have contacted AlertPay support on Saturday, but are yet to receive a reply. So we ask all AlertPay investors to be patient. All payouts will be processed after our account gets unblocked. Payouts to other payment systems are processed on time. We also continue to translate our online platfrom into other languages and currently there are 3 more languages available: Polish, Romanian and Turkish. This includes ticket support in these languages.

Robbyn Hart
Dec-9-2009 04:21:01 AM
Santiventures getting started
Santiventures welcomes you! This is our first newsletter which is being delivered to you as a member. We will send newsletters to keep our members informed about the latest updates or changes as to ensure no misunderstanding or customer related problems might take place.

First of all we would like to thank you for registering an account here at We would absolutely do our best to fulfill your investment expectations.

Second, we would like to ask you whether you have questions or problems you might have faced during the first start up week? If so, please do not hesitate to send your issues directly to [email protected] or you can discuss them on live chat if the operator is available.

Third, we would like to know a bit more about payment methods and preferences of our members. As far as you know SV is currently accepting Libertyreserve, Perfectmoney, Alertpay and Strictpay. Is there anything else you could recommend? Which of those four should we focus on more? Your opinion really matters. If you have something to say do not hesitate to send it to [email protected]

And lastly, we would like to inform you that SV is moving to a specially registered new office place in Panama. Hopefully this is going to add more credibility to the program.
We are also negotiating on conducting interviews and going public, some of them will be published within a few days to come. Stay tuned for that.

We are open to any discussions and questions. Joel Berk and Bernie Goldberg are at your disposal 24/7. Although it needs more time to sort things out at weekend, therefore we hope for your understanding.

You are welcome!
Dec-4-2009 02:10:12 AM
Zeus CM Updated
Update: We are currently migrating to a DDOS proteced host.

ZeusCM Staff
Dec-2-2009 06:06:02 AM
New Update : Alertpay and Srtictpay has been added
We are proud to announce that Tradezoom has successfully realized another significant improvement and added the new paying systems AlertPay and StrictPay at your desire, and now all our clients will be able to make deposits and withdrawals in Alertpay or Strictpay as an alternative of Perfectmoney and LibertyReserve, We are always in search of proving the absolutely verifiable success of our investment trading work.

Yours faithfully,
TradeZoom Inc.
Nov-27-2009 11:20:44 AM
PanaMoney Security Newsletter
The appearance of phishing websites claiming to be PanaMoney Technologies, Inc or related to PanaMoney has led us to the need to once again bring it to your attention that we do not send any e-mails with links to provide your security information or login details. The official website of PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. is

For the purpose of protecting your login information, the company has taken actions to update the website security against possible hacking attacks.

We would also like to remind you the Internet security rules:
- Keep computer viruses and spyware out by using antivirus software
- Block hackers and intruders with a firewall
- Be careful when opening email and attachments
- Be selective about what you download and from which sites
- Choose more complex passwords that are not an 'easy guess'
- Backup your computer, regularly, both data and OS configuration
- Update your Internet security software regularly, upgrade to new versions

Your care and attention to the Internet use is a key element of your security and the company as well implements the best available technologies to protect its website.

Thank you for being with us and hope for our continuous and beneficial cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

Customer Support,
PanaMoney Technologies, Inc.
[email protected]
Nov-27-2009 01:58:18 AM
Rigidpay News
First of all i would like to thank all of you investors and active members at forums and monitors.
keep doing it so we will stay at the top spot !!!
We are online for 7 days now with more than 1000 active investors and we are just at the start and of course we will keep with this growth for a long time. is open from this day (16.Nov.2009)
onwards, we all welcome no matter opening accounts, investing or enquiry. To us, more communication means more understanding, and more understanding means more trust. We like to to introduce to you the promotional campaign: We give a reward of $50 for who have made $500 or more into RigidPay, that is a great news, isn't it?We paid more than $3,850 bonuses for our serious members on their first investment.This promotional campaign maybe will finished anytime, so please don't lost this amazing opportunity, create your account and make deposit right now!

If you have any questions of RigidPay, please feel free to contact our customer service department.
Best Regards

Nov-23-2009 05:46:59 AM
RacksonFinance - VERY GOOD NEWS
I would like to wish a warm welcome to our new customers. After 3 days online there are exactly 99 customers who trust us and more than 50 who have active investments with us.

Also, as I promised you last night, we have published our backup fund stats. This fund will be updated daily, on working days.

Our plans for next 15 days:
1. We will be able to accept Bank Wire Investments.
2. We plan to add AlertPay, SolidTrustPay or StrictPay as alternative payment processors.
3. Live chat will be available very soon. There are already 6 people qualified for this job.
4. We will publish advanced stats regarding our backup fund and safe income sources.

By the way, if you want to suggest us another payment processor, please feel free to submit a ticket.

Best regards,
Elizabeth Rackson, CEO and Founder
Nov-22-2009 05:46:04 AM
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Forex Group Invest Limited
20% Hourly For 6 Hours 10% Hourly For 11 Hours 5% Hourly For 24 Hours 300% After 3 Days 1200% After 10 Days 3500% After 20 Days 7500% After 40 Days
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3.2% Daily for 60 Days
Adcash Club
9.1% daily for 14 days (128 ROI),6.26% daily for 21 days (132 ROI); 3% daily for 14 days - Return Principal(142 ROI),2.5% daily for 21 days- Return Principal (152% ROI)
1.8% Daily for 60 Days (Principal Included)
Apr 23rd, 2017
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1.3% - 1.35% Hourly For 96 Hours, 1.60% Hourly For 72 Hours, 2.25% Hourly For 48 Hours,4.30% Hourly For 24 Hours
Bitcoin Golem
0.4% - 1% hourly Forever. 9000% after 15 Days. and VIP Plan : 7000% after 4 Days
Apr 22nd, 2017
1% - 5% Daily Until You reach 150% ROI
Trusted Invest Limited
14.6% - 20% Hourly For 7 Hours,5.4% - 10% Hourly For 20 Hours,165% - 650% After 3 Days
Apr 21st, 2017
Poultry Invest
2,7% - 4,5% daily for 60 Days
2.87% Per day Forever
Eco Tobacco Limited
0.9% daily for 31 Days - Return Principal (110.7% ROI); 2% - 4% per day until 155% ROI, 4% daily for 33 Days (132% ROI)
3% ~ 4.2% Daily Forever
Finance Line Limited
1.7% for 30 days (Return Principal)
Bitcoin Hours Company
20.4% - 25% Hourly For 5 Hours,8.75% - 20% Hourly For 12 Hours,3.75% - 10% Hourly For 30 Hours, 150% - 300% After 3 Days
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Apr 19th, 2017
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Trade Accent Limited
1.3% after 1 day | 4.75% after 3 days | 10% after 5 days (Principal Return)
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