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2% daily for 75 days, 3% daily for 50 days
Expire on:2017-04-28
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Expire on:2017-04-30
normal banner Billionaire Profit
3.00% daily for 50 days
Expire on:2017-04-28
normal banner BTCRise LTD
2.50% daily for 10 Days (Principal Return)
Expire on:2017-04-28
normal banner Biksbit LTD
2.8% daily for 65 days (Principal Back)
Expire on:2017-04-28
normal banner TrustBets Limited
2.1%-2.8% daily for 7-21 days,5.7% daily for 30 days
Expire on:2017-04-30
normal banner CoffeeHill
6% daily for 25 Days
Expire on:2017-04-26
normal banner InfinityFuture
3% ~ 4.2% Daily Forever
Expire on:2017-05-02
normal banner Pana-Funds
8% daily for 17 days, 170% after 20 days, 380% after 40 days
Expire on:2017-05-05
normal banner Gason
7% daily for 19 Days, 5% daily for 30 Days
Expire on:2017-04-27
normal banner Poultry Invest
2,7% - 4,5% daily for 60 Days
Expire on:2017-05-01
normal banner Ginteck LTD
3% daily for 60 days (Principal Back)
Expire on:2017-04-28
Gain Vest, PM withdraw requests
We have a problem with Perfectmoney and from yesterday we try to solve this problem, in this section we can not pay any withdraw request by Perfectmoney till our problem will be solved. so please wait till tomorrow for payments.
If you are hurry for receive payment you can use our exchange and exchange your money to Libertyreserve and withdraw it quickly.

Gain Vest support
Jun-10-2009 09:29:21 AM
Ensco server maintenance complete.
After several times maintenance,our new dedicate server upgrade now completed. New anti DDOS system has been applied as well. We are concern about security issue and always want to serve the best for all customers. We are sorry if there any trouble cause during maintenance.

Jun-8-2009 04:01:56 PM
Jun-9-2009 01:44:47 PM
PerfectMoneyBank Back Online!
Our site was down some hours for huge DDoS attack,now everything is OK and you can visit our site without any problem if had any issue with loaded our site please remove cache and cookies then try again,we moved our site to powerfull hosting company(ddoskill),Now you can deposit and enjoy of your profit!
Jun-8-2009 11:32:33 PM
Romania Capital Update
Hello All

I Am Admin Of Romania Capital . We Are In Changing Server And Don't Worry. Will Be Up Till 12 Hours.

Jun-8-2009 05:13:28 PM
Asian Invest Group weekly statement
Our rates for current week are the following:
Optimized Portfolio - 8.9% weekly (+0.2)
Aggressive Portfolio - 10.7% weekly (+0.7)
Optimized Portfolio Premium (for investments of $1000 and above) - 11.9% weekly
Aggressive Portfolio Premium (for investments of $1000 and above) - 13.7% weekly

Best Regards,
Asian Invest Group
Jun-8-2009 03:08:39 AM
MetaStocks Group Server Problem
According to our server problem, the site was down for 24 hours. Now the problems has been solved, and all of pending withdrawal will be process in first business hours.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Best regards,
Jun-6-2009 09:28:59 PM
TradeCenterClub Removed LR,PM and C-gold
First I should say so sorry for delay and not updated.
We had many problem with some currency at few days ago!
So finally we removed LR,PM and C-gold currency and we accept Only AlertPay+SolidtrustPay at this moment
We will removed All pending to your balance and asked you please request your money again,
members who made deposit from LR,PM and C-gold can exchange their money to AlertPay or Solidtrust pay with rate 0%.
All pending will be paid within 1-2 business days!

Many thanks for your understanding and help us!

TCC Team!
Jun-6-2009 02:52:01 AM
Brics Forex LTD Online
This is Brics forex
Due to Some problem with our Domain provier , Our main Domain ( ) was on hold for some days! and we do not have access to that Until now.
we had to changed our Website domain to new domain and now web site is available on new domain.
you can access to your account without any problem

Note To monitoring services: Please change our web site URL from to

Thank You & best regards
Brics Forex LTD management
Jun-5-2009 01:55:36 PM 1 Month Online
Dear members,
I just notice that we have been online for 1 month.I think it is a good start for our company.Thank you for your great support.My forex trade team will try our best to earn much more profits from forex market.
Sincerely, Wendy,Forex Experts Admin.
Jun-5-2009 01:58:24 AM
Gain Vest security system updating
After last security update in April we are in updating our security system right now, so all withdraw requests will processed in the next 10 hours after we complete updating our security system.

Thank you for your patience
Gain Vest support
Jun-3-2009 04:40:50 PM
Romania Capital added new plan
Please add our new plan .
too,you can deposit in each plan that you like from now.
New plan : UP to 23.2% Daily for 5 days
Thanks for your support
Romania Capital admin
Jun-3-2009 03:22:53 AM
Solidtrustpay and Alertpay Deposits
Dear members,
About 20 days ago,I announced that we can accept Solidtrustpay and Alertpay deposits.Now I just want to remind our new members that we still accept Solidtrustpay and Alertpay.Pls contact me first if you want to make a deposit via these two ecurrencies.
Sincerely, Wendy,Forex Experts Admin.
Jun-3-2009 01:36:09 AM
Sportsval news
We would like to inform you about the recent changes on the Sportsval site regarding payment processing. Unfortunately, we had to drop Moneybookers payment option so Moneybookers is no more available for new unit purchases or cashouts. Affected members will be able to update their payout account details on the members area prior to the next cashout window.

Currently used methods of payment for Sportsval are Liberty Reserve, Alertpay and Western Union (upgrades only). Alertpay and Western Union offer credit card funding. We are in the process of integrating Perfectmoney, Solid Trust Pay and Strictpay payment options in the near future.

Currently the free picks are undergoing a major losing streak from which we expect to recover in the next weeks as the swing turns over. Because of the extraordinary performance of our picks prior to this recent streak, the total yield remains at very high levels.

For the small minority of our members who are betting and enduring the losses, if you have a limited bankroll we suggest reducing the unit size in order to accommodate higher bet sizes used in our picks after series of losses. It is always advisable to keep the unit size low enough to withstand large swings - there are a lot of theories about the appropriate size of one unit, but having it above 5% of total bankroll is definitely pushing the limits when the inevitable losing streaks occur.

If you have not yet used our free picks to bet yourself on an online bookmaker, this is an excellent opportunity to start as the probability of a positive upswing soon is on our side. For non-betting members, the issues concerning free picks or their results has no relevance, as the Sportsval profit share plan is completely unrelated to the free picks and profit share return rates remain at high levels as long as moderate expansion continues.

Happy betting!

The Sportsval Team
Jun-2-2009 11:23:20 AM
Fund String Inc Mistake fixed.
Some members reported to us that their principal at the "after 7 days" plan did not return even when it's matured. We have checked and already fixed this mistake. Please check your account.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,
Jun-1-2009 02:57:18 PM
Saza Investments LDA News
We are always considering our clients suggestions.
Therefor, after our board meeting today, because many members suggested us that the referral comission we are offering is too low, and because the online bussines is growing so well, we have decided to increase the referral comission from 1% to 3,5%. Many thanks to all members for trusting us.
Saza Investments LDA Team
Jun-1-2009 02:54:53 PM
Gain Vest newsletter
In the last days we receive several email from our members about a scam email that offered a short term and high profit with our name.we must to say those all are SCAM emails, please don't trust any email that sent to you with our name.
We send our emails with [email protected] or [email protected] also our e-currency's account number are specified Libertyreserve: U5118844 Perfectmoney: U1000164 and those will never changed also our plans are specified that we wrote in our website.

Kind regards
Gain Vest support
May-30-2009 12:00:09 PM
EWO Capital New Plan
We have announced our new investment plan 200% after 50 days and
since that time it stays the most popular among our investors.
We accept : LR,PM,STP,AP,SP,ECU,WM.

Best regards,
EWO Capital team
May-29-2009 02:21:18 PM
Saza Investments LDA
We would like to remind you to not forget to request your withdrawals today because its payday. Thank you all for your trust in us.Regards,Saza Investments LDA Team
May-29-2009 12:16:55 AM
Forex Trading Robot on Sale
Dear members,
Our Technology Team has already developed SharkⅡ Forex Trading Robot.It is can be used to all curencies,but not including Gold and Silver now.If you want it,you can order it for only $1,988 from me.I believe it will give you a special feeling when you trade.

Sincerely, Forex Experts Admin.
May-28-2009 10:48:03 AM
Wortrade Co.,LTD PerfectMoney Deposit
We had resloved PM deposit problem ,All of deposit via PM will be fund in your account at once .All of PM withdraw was paid very quickly.
Any thing we can do for you ,Please contact us .
By the way ,we had dealed with all pending withdraw till now ,Congratulations to all .
* Principal included (we don't return principal after period)
* We are paying 7 days a week (If you missed payout ,Contact us)
[email protected]
May-27-2009 03:46:38 PM
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Post at:March 11, 2017 05:03:43 Sat

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Forex Group Invest Limited
20% Hourly For 6 Hours 10% Hourly For 11 Hours 5% Hourly For 24 Hours 300% After 3 Days 1200% After 10 Days 3500% After 20 Days 7500% After 40 Days
3% - 50 days; 3,1% - 55 days; 3,2% - 60 days
Trademoney Ltd
17% - 21% Hourly For 6 Hours,5.35% - 7% Hourly For 20 Hours,3.7% - 6% Hourly For 30 Hours
9.0% Hourly For 12 Hours, 11.0% Hourly For 10 Hours, 250% After 1 Day
Apr 25th, 2017
2% daily for 10 days (Principal Back), 8% daily for 17 days, 170% after 20 days, 380% after 40 days
Apr 24th, 2017
Ruby Investments Life
3.2% Daily for 60 Days
Adcash Club
9.1% daily for 14 days (128 ROI),6.26% daily for 21 days (132 ROI); 3% daily for 14 days - Return Principal(142 ROI),2.5% daily for 21 days- Return Principal (152% ROI)
1.8% Daily for 60 Days (Principal Included)
Apr 23rd, 2017
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1.3% - 1.35% Hourly For 96 Hours, 1.60% Hourly For 72 Hours, 2.25% Hourly For 48 Hours,4.30% Hourly For 24 Hours
Bitcoin Golem
0.4% - 1% hourly Forever. 9000% after 15 Days. and VIP Plan : 7000% after 4 Days
Apr 22nd, 2017
1% - 5% Daily Until You reach 150% ROI
Trusted Invest Limited
14.6% - 20% Hourly For 7 Hours,5.4% - 10% Hourly For 20 Hours,165% - 650% After 3 Days
Apr 21st, 2017
Poultry Invest
2,7% - 4,5% daily for 60 Days
2.87% Per day Forever
Eco Tobacco Limited
0.9% daily for 31 Days - Return Principal (110.7% ROI); 2% - 4% per day until 155% ROI, 4% daily for 33 Days (132% ROI)
3% ~ 4.2% Daily Forever
Finance Line Limited
1.7% for 30 days (Return Principal)
Bitcoin Hours Company
20.4% - 25% Hourly For 5 Hours,8.75% - 20% Hourly For 12 Hours,3.75% - 10% Hourly For 30 Hours, 150% - 300% After 3 Days
17% - 30% Hourly For 6 Hours ,8.75% - 25% Hourly For 12 Hours ,165% - 350% After 3 Days
Royal Statfor
103% - 130% after 1 day, 110% - 200% after 3 days,117% - 275% after 5 days, 125% - 370% after 7 days
20.4% - 30% Hourly For 5 Hours,8.75% - 20% Hourly For 12 Hours,165% - 1500% After 3 Days
Apr 20th, 2017
2.4% daily for 175 days,4.5% to 7.5% daily for 30 days,135% after 7 days,155% to 300% after 10 days.
InTime Today
3% daily For Lifetime
20.4% - 25% Hourly For 5 Hours,8.75% - 20% Hourly For 12 Hours,3.7% - 10% Hourly For 30 Hours,150% - 300% After 3 Days
Vineyard Wine
101.5% - 102% After 1 day
4.25% Hourly For 24 Hours, 109% After 3 Days
101.2% - 111% after 12 hours,103% - 135% after 1 day,115% - 210% after 3 days
17% - 20% Hourly For 6 Hours,165% - 450% AFTER 5 DAYS, 500% - 1200% After 10 Days
Apr 19th, 2017
Bit5Pro Limited
5% daily for 30 days / 110% after 7 days
TrustBets Limited
2.1%-2.8% daily for 7-21 days,5.7% daily for 30 days
Avanciroinv Energy
1.6%,1.7%,1.8% daily for 3 Day (Principal Return)
17% - 18% Hourly For 6 Hours ,5.35% - 6% Hourly For 20 Hours,3.60% - 4% Hourly For 34 Hours,
3% daily for 60 Days
Apr 18th, 2017
7% daily for 30 Calendar days, 110% after 7 Days
3% daily Automatically For Lifetime
3% For 70 Days,6% For 20 Days,7% For 30 Days,12% For 10 Days
Trade Accent Limited
1.3% after 1 day | 4.75% after 3 days | 10% after 5 days (Principal Return)
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