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normal banner UnionTrade
2 % daily for 7 days,2.5 % daily for 14 days,
Expire on:2017-02-23
normal banner SunCoinz
0.6% - 0.8% daily for 30 days (Principal Back)
Expire on:2017-02-26
normal banner 1HashMining
Pool 1 - 1.75% daily for 150 days, Pool 2 - 2.75% daily for 150 days
Expire on:2017-02-22
normal banner Coin Transfer
2.1% ddaily for 21 Days (Principal Return)
Expire on:2017-02-21
normal banner Vivere Finance
1% daily for 7 days, 1.2% daily for 15 days (Principal Back)
Expire on:2017-02-27
normal banner DiamondCrypto
5.5% - 10.5% daily for 30 Days
Expire on:2017-03-03
normal banner MiramTrade
0.28%- 0.40% hourly (6.72%-9.6% daily) Forever
Expire on:2017-02-22
normal banner Forex Union
2.1% daily for 5 Days,2.3% daily for 10 Days,2.5% daily for 15 Days(Principal Back)
Expire on:2017-02-26
normal banner Sports Arbitrage
60-90% of our daily earnings. Around 1.5-2% daily
Expire on:2017-02-22
normal banner X-Binary Ltd
2% daily for 100 - 150 business days
Expire on:2017-02-27
normal banner WNOT
3% daily Forever (payback within 33 days.)
Expire on:2017-02-28
normal banner OnePunchLTD
113% After 10 Calendar Days,6% Daily for 30 Business Days
Expire on:2017-02-25
Important about Sasin HYIP
please open Sasin HYIP only by this link :
without "s" in "https"
Jul-8-2008 03:57:05 AM
Apollo Invest Group
AIG is a new, steadily developing capital management and online money investment service provider. Today the amount of assets managed by our company is already over $1 billion and the capital keeps growing with the speed of approximately $10-15 million a week.

Jul-4-2008 03:19:55 PM
Orixsurf 170 days on-line and paying instant.
Dear members,

Thanks for joining Orixsurf , our system is running very smooth with e-gold and Liberty Reserve . Please remember that deposits and payments are instant from the start of the program.

Please remember to vote for us on monitors and forums when you got paid. Links for monitors and forums can be found at

Thank you.

Jun-28-2008 01:25:20 AM
12ExpuredSurf Important Update !!!
Dear 12expiredsurf member,

Payment delay because some members report that they acct no. was change.

Please login and make sure you have right acct no. (e-gold/Liberty Reserve).

We will make payments on June, 26 2008.

Thank You.
Jun-23-2008 05:33:44 PM Accept PerfectMoney now !!!
News from the admin :
Last week we have been approached by a member of SAInvestment Co, Inc. who recommended us, a new reputable payment processor. In the last few days, we were able to create and VERIFY our account with them. If you already have an UGC account, you can now make your investment using this payment method, otherwise you can create your account there and fund it using US Direct Deposit, Bank Wire, Postal Order, E-Bullion and soon by Credit and Debit Card.

Also we accept and

Thank you for your time!

Best Regards,
James Stone
SAInvestment Co, Inc.
Jun-18-2008 08:10:43 AM
iMonet Update
as you may know our sit was under heavy DDOS attack .we could fix the problem and site returns to normal mode . through modification of server and script ,we returned back some withdrawal requests to users balance now these users could request their profit again and we process their request as soon as possible.
We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, and appreciate your continued patience.
If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards
Admin Of
Jun-18-2008 04:45:40 AM
Instantly Added&Activated !!!
To all hyip admins,
We fixed our script !! After you pay the monitor fees for your program use our payment form. Your listing will be approved &activated AUTOMATICALLY .
Jun-15-2008 06:17:30 AM
Instantly Added&Activated !!!
To all hyip admins,
We fixed our script !! After you pay the monitor fees for your program use our payment form. Your listing will be approved &activated AUTOMATICALLY .
Jun-15-2008 05:50:25 AM site up again !!! switched to a new hosting after their previous hosting got suspended.But they lost some data . Investors should re-register .
Jun-14-2008 02:34:51 PM
Ref Back Request Feature Added
Dear members and visitors, today we added ref back request form.

As your know, we offer 120% referral back for all of the program listing on our site.

You can request ref back by sending support message use our form that on the left column of the site.
Jun-14-2008 11:46:44 AM
Instantly Added&Activated !!!
To all hyip admins,
We fixed our script !! After you pay the monitor fees for your program use our payment form. Your listing will be approved &activated AUTOMATICALLY .
Jun-13-2008 04:28:25 PM
Tradelite Finance Corp. introduced AlterGold
The recent downtime of our main payment processor has proven that
our platform needs an additional payment partner as an
alternative to Liberty Reserve. During past month, we have been
in touch with several companies and we have evaluated their
systems. As a result, I am glad to announce that as of today,
June 13th 2008, AlterGold is our second official payment partner

The introduction of AlterGold allows our members to participate
in our investment contracts using various additional payment
methods such as Bank Wire, Western Union and MoneyGram. Apart
from this, AlterGold offers complete money exchanges solutions as
well as Visa powered International Debit cards. AlterGold
provides several services to its users to ensure stability.
Instant Transactions, Merchants tools suite, Multiple user
access, Mobile WAP site and much more.

AlterGold is protected by an offshore Trust, and is at all times
backed with U.S. dollars for all AlterGold accounts. AlterGold is
protected with High grade DDoS protection and Powerful dedicated
server from Staminus Communications Network.

May I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Martin Mitchell
Project Coordinator

Tradelite Finance Corp.
Jun-13-2008 11:13:35 AM
MonexTraders Newsletter
There is a server update on June, 14 2008 from 13:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT. So please don\'t try to deposit or withdraw in this timeframe to prevent any problem may cause. You also may feel the server speed is slow. Don\'t worry about it. It just a monthly update.

Have a great weekend.
Jun-13-2008 09:05:59 AM
PayClubs Domain Changed to domain changed to
Jun-10-2008 10:06:17 PM
4FXTrader Online Again
Hello Members and visitors
As you might have noticed we were experiencing continuous DDoS attacks today. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. we upgraded our protection and now all members can access to their account without any problem.
All Withdraw will process as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding
Jun-10-2008 01:38:12 PM Accept AlterGold and Perfect Money
From the admin :

Dear member!

We have added, at desire of our investors, 2 new payment systems AlterGold and Perfect Money. They provide an opportunity to pay into an account via WesternUnion and Wire Bank.

Deposits from all payment systems are added automatically.
Jun-10-2008 01:36:41 PM
e-gold scheduled downtime
From Admin :

Please note that the e-gold website will be offline as described below.
Times provided are estimates only - actual downtime duration
may be slightly shorter or longer.

* Scheduled Maintenance
* Begins: Sunday, June 1 2008 09:00 EDT (view in other timezones)
* Ends: Sunday, June 1 2008 10:00 EDT (view in other timezones)
when be up it, we pay your money.
May-30-2008 02:01:51 AM
Update from Progressive Ads Admin :
Hi, I would like to apologize for not sending update about the payouts situation but all of you already know that Liberty Reserve website is unaccessible so how anyone could expect me to process the cashout requests while i'm even not able to browse the liberty reserve website. I've noticed that some members was upgraded their accounts today which means that some members are able to access their LR accounts recently which is a good sign that LR is in it's way to be fully accessible again, For me i'm still waiting for LR website to be accessible at my end so i be able to process all the pending cashout requests.
May-29-2008 03:06:26 AM
Liberty Reserve Latest News
Read from LR blog :

While doing a regular system check, our technicians recognized a defective load balancer and had to temporarily suspend the servers to replace it. We are working very hard to fix this issue and get the system back online.

The number of our clients and merchants is growing rapidly. Our hardware grows even at a faster rate. Although this is a definite sign of success, there might be temporary outages, which are beyond our control.

We will do our best to provide you with the service you expect.

Thank you for your support.
May-28-2008 07:32:19 AM Update
As E-Gold block my account after a new investment
we have decided to manually confirm investment with E-Gold
after payment please send the batch number of your payment
your username and the plan you'd like to invest in
to our support department
after verification your account will be funded
money should appear within one hour after your spend.
May-27-2008 11:31:26 PM
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125% After 1 Day, 300% After 5 Days, 550% After 10 Days, 750% After 15 Days, 1150% After 20 Days, 1600% After 30 Days, VIP1 900% After 8 Days, VIP2 2000% After 16 Days, VIP3 5000% After 32 Days.
2.5% daily for 60 - 120 days
0.36% - 0.92% hourly (8.64% - 22% Daily) Forever,3000% After 30 Days,5000% After 12 Days
Feb 20th, 2017
CMETrades Limited
2.1% - 3.3% daily for 20 - 55 days (Principal Back) | 655-3000% after 15-60 days
5.5% - 10.5% daily for 30 Days,14.5% daily for 50 Days, 1350% after 30 Days
125% After 1 day, 4% Daily for 30 days, 3% Daily for 60 days
Feb 19th, 2017
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17% - 30% hourly for 6 hours, 8.8% - 10% hourly for 12 hours,110% - 150% after 1 day
Feb 18th, 2017
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101.5% - 111% after 1 day, 112% - 250% after 5 days, 122% - 400% after 9 days,145% - 750% after 15 days
Feb 17th, 2017
Vivere Finance LTD
1% daily for 7 days, 1.2% daily for 15 days (Principal Back); 144% after 30 days, 178% after 45 days
101% after 1 day,104.5% after 3 days,114% after 7 days,137.5% after 15 days,190% after 30 days
4.5% - 6% daily for 30 Business days
Ocean Innovations Invest
8.5% - 10% hourly for 12 hours, 3.5% - 5% hourly for 30 hours, 150% - 350% after 5 days
Feb 16th, 2017
3% - 5% daily for 50 Business days
0.63%-0.84% Hourly for 360 Hours((15%-20% Daily for 15 days);2000% after 5 days. 300% after 7 days
Bitco4x Company Limited
22% daily 5 days, 21% daily 7 days, 20% daily 10 days ( 3.50% Withdraw Fees !!!)
HashPower Limited
125% - 150% after 1 day, 250% - 300% after 5 days
Hashre Server LTD
15% - 25% Daily Forever
Hour Pay Site
1.3% - 2% hourly for 96 hours, 2.3%-3% hourly for 50 hours,5% - 10% hourly for 24 hours
Feb 15th, 2017
Forex Union
2.1% daily for 5 Days,2.3% daily for 10 Days,2.5% daily for 15 Days(Principal Back);3% - 4% daily for 100 days
TrustedFinancial Ltd
101.5% after 1 day, 2% - 4.5% daily for 7 - 40 Calendar days
Bitcoin Stability Limited
115% after 1 day, 4% - 6% hourly for 30 hours,1.5% - 2% hourly for 100 hours
Feb 14th, 2017
Crypto Wings Finance
7% - 10% hourly for 15 hours, 150% - 350% after 3 days,650% - 1450% after 12 days
Feb 13th, 2017
Raptor Forex Limited
105% - 125% after 1 day,117% - 190% after 3 days,135% - 300% after 5 days,160% - 420% after 7 days
5% daily for 40 Business days, 7% daily for 30 Business days, 113% after 7 Calendar days,117% after 10 Calendar days
Renaissance Invest
0.6% daily for 7 days,0.9% daily for 14 days (Principal Back);1.6% - 2% daily for 180 days
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Date:Feb-21 ,2017
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Date:Feb-21 ,2017
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